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    No chip, no problem. You can now stream NextRadio on Android phones.
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  • What is NextRadio?

    Always free, always connected. The NextRadio app is the best way to experience the music, sports and talk you love on FM radio. NextRadio lets you tune to every local FM station by using your smartphone’s built-in FM chip. And with the new option to stream on unsupported devices, it is THE BEST way to connect to live radio.

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    you can listen
    Live radio provides the latest music and news, and local radio creates a connection to your community.

    you can see
    Live Guide® lets you navigate by what’s playing on all of your favorite stations.

    you can interact
    Thumbs-up or thumbs-down the song playing, enter a station contest, share on social and much more.

NextRadio Features

  • The best way to connect with local FM radio

    FM chip or streaming
    - the choice is yours!

    NextRadio now gives you options to connect with local radio. Tune in through your phone’s built-in FM receiver on supported Android devices and use considerably less data. Or, stream most of your favorite local or out-of-market stations. More choices make NextRadio the BEST all-in-one radio app.

  • NextRadio's Live Guide®

    Navigate by what's on-air right now!

    Blindly scanning the radio dial is a thing of the past with NextRadio’s exclusive Live Guide. Check out all your local FM stations’ live content displayed all in one place, then make your selection based on what you want to hear.

  • It’s radio like you’ve never seen before!

    Your favorite stations come to life

    NextRadio lets you experience local FM radio by showing album art, station logos, and song & program details in an engaging display. Hear a song you like? Buy it instantly as you listen, or save to your history so you can go back for the info later.

  • Don’t miss a thing with Newsfeed

    All of radio’s latest - Just for you

    NextRadio’s Newsfeed lets you stay current with your favorite stations by curating a personalized display of related content based on your listening preferences. View stations’ tweets, artist info, hot songs, contests, upcoming concerts, emergency alerts and more – all based on your listening likes and habits!

  • Interact with your
    favorite stations

    Radio fans, you're gonna love this!

    Not only can you like, dislike, and share what you’re listening to, but NextRadio now puts the focus on your favorite stations by allowing you to connect right inside the app. Call in or text the shows you like with one click. View schedule information, connect on social & more!

  • Best of all, you're always connected.

    Internet or not, NextRadio works!

    Nobody likes to think about emergency situations, but when listening to NextRadio through the FM chip, rest assured that you’ll be able to stay informed. Even when data networks are down or overloaded, the FM radio in your phone keeps working. Click here to see if your device supports listening via the FM chip.