Look no further music lovers, the secret to discovering new and trending songs is here! Actually, it’s been here all along… and is free. A recent Nielsen report proved something we have known all along, that Terrestrial Radio has the number one reach among adults—that’s 93% of radio listeners every week compared to the 87% who watch television and 70% who use smartphones!

In an article published by the Observer we get a closer look at how radio is still number 1 in consumer reach after all these years. For starters, local radio gives you a more personalized experience through the DJs that interact with listeners on a daily basis. Not to mention, listening to radio doesn’t cost you a dime yet continually rewards you with the latest hits and emerging artists in the music industry—something streaming services make you pay up for all while dwindling your precious battery life and data plan.

Here at NextRadio app we are keeping the authentic purpose of radio alive as we simultaneously adapt to the ever evolving modern media scene. Many young listeners are returning to the roots of the music industry as they are able to bring NextRadio app with them wherever they go—providing a local intimacy that is often lost in streaming services.

Everyone has that friend who is always on top of all the latest and greatest hits in new music releases, why can’t it be you? Visit www.NextRadioApp.com/supported-devices/ to find out if your phone is supported and start listening today on the cool new NextRadio app!



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