“It’s time that radio becomes available at your fingertips no matter what, for free, no matter where you’re at.”

Growing up in Atlanta DJ Felli Fel was always trying to get involved in the music scene in any way he could. Whether it was singing in church, playing the drums in a band, or recording songs he heard off of his favorite ATL hip hop station B103, the future DJ knew music held a special place in his heart.

DJ Felli Fel’s path to Power 106 evolved from DJing house parties to playing at clubs which lead him to a community radio station. Once he was in the radio business he felt an instant connection with his listeners. “I’m excited about radio” he says, “I do afternoons on Power 106. It’s still a high for me to be on the airwaves and express myself and know that I may be changing somebody’s day.” While he enjoys making a positive difference in the daily lives of his listeners, DJ Felli draws his own inspiration from none other than the Dr. Dre. “He was that producer that you molded everything around, especially as a hip hop producer. You wanted your beats to sound like Dre’s. He’s an innovator in so many ways…he has so much knowledge from a creative standpoint in sound quality and understands how to get the most out of a record. He’s a master of his trade.”

Why DJ Felli Fel loves NextRadio app…

In talking about NextRadio app DJ Felli Fel loves that NextRadio does not use up your data. It sheds light on why radio is such an appreciated medium in this new media age, especially compared to streaming. He said, “Sometimes I hear that radio isn’t going to be here much longer. Everything else needs data, Wi-Fi, but radio is still the number one source of entertainment where you don’t need all that. It’s time that radio becomes available at your fingertips no matter what, for free, no matter where you’re at,” and we couldn’t agree more. The DJ also loves listener engagement within the app saying, “Seeing an instant song request through NextRadio app is a cool way for interacting with listeners so they can hear their favorite song. As a DJ I get to see what people want to hear and as a listener myself, I can ask for what I want to hear.”

Today you can find DJ Felli Fel back at Power 106 as he just returned from his Asia tour hitting Beijing, Bangkok, and the Philippines with a set list of mainly EDM and commercial hip-hop, similar to what he plays here in the U.S. Along with his new record deal with Interscope (www.interscope.com), the traveling DJ’s next stops will be in Canada, Destin, Dallas, and San Diego where you can to hear his new hit of the summer “Black Out” featuring Juicy J, Lil Jon, and Tyga. For those of you in L.A., be sure to tune your NextRadio App to Power 106 for more DJ Felli Fel.

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