Hey Sprint users! Be sure to check your Sprint devices today for a notification from NextRadio app! The app offers FM radio for supported devices so you can see and listen to your favorite local FM radio stations anytime, anywhere, for free!

Sprint NextRadio appIf you’re a Sprint customer and have an Android smartphone, you probably already have the NextRadio app preloaded! Scroll through your apps and take a look so you can start experiencing free FM radio right now! NextRadio app uses 10x less data and is 3x better for your battery life than streaming apps like iHeart, Pandora and Spotify to name a few. This is because it uses the FM chip that is installed in your smartphone allowing it to pick up local FM frequencies. Imagine if you were cut off from WiFi and cell data in a pending weather emergency. You can still use NextRadio app to get important emergency updates, even without data. Combine that cool piece of technology with the powerful LiveGuide in app interface. It provides a visual directory to show you what’s happening on your favorite local stations – in real time.

Look for the notification today and learn about all of the great features in NextRadio app. Once you start using NextRadio app you will experience the amazing benefits of listening to free radio that uses 10x less data and is 3x better for your battery life. Start using NextRadio app today to listen to your favorite, local on air radio DJ’s and stations. Get your morning started off right with your favorite morning show, engage with on-air DJ’s to join the conversation and text to win concert tickets with radio promotions. The opportunities are endless!

Open the app and start listening today! Tell us how you like NextRadio app on Twitter and hashtag #Sprintpush for a RT!

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