As of July 10th, for the 1st time, over 45 countries will now simultaneously be releasing most new music albums exclusively on Fridays. Previously throughout many of these countries, release dates have differed causing fans frustration when one part of the world is jammin’ to new tunes as the other waits (im)patiently.

The method behind this new music madness is quite simple. With most consumers’ paydays landing on Friday, splurging for a new album might seem less detrimental to your bank account with all of that fresh cash. Plus, the aforementioned differences of release dates increased the likelihood of music piracy which will now be reduced thanks to the new strategy. As for the artists releasing new albums, they will now be able to promote a single release date on social media sites rather than trying to keep up with multiple release dates for multiple countries.

This industry-wide initiative is headed by Frances Moore, chief executive of the London-based IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) as he explains that this day marks “an opportunity to recreate excitement around the release of music.” The new schedule will affect new album releases in all formats and is relatively voluntary, meaning that no legal repercussions will emerge from those who do not choose to release new albums on Fridays. However, with this industry wide approach to modernize a once traditional way of releasing new music, we hope to witness the growing excitement as the weekend nears for music fans everywhere.

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