Have you ever loved a song on the radio, but couldn’t figure out what it was called? Or you didn’t quite catch the DJ when he announced it? Or you couldn’t whip out your Shazam app in time? #FirstWorldStruggles, we know. We also have your solution—NextRadio’s LiveGuide.

With our LiveGuide, there is no more guessing what you’re listening to. Our team has revolutionized the way you hear (and see) radio; giving you instant, live graphic images of the songs while they are playing. As you view your local radio stations on NextRadio app the LiveGuide takes the guessing out of mindlessly flipping through stations hoping to catch a snippet of your favorite song.

What is really cool is that stations actually experienced a 14.3% increase in Average Session Length (ASL) through NextRadio. Delivering content and interactivity while listening to radio creates a new experience that people engage longer with. Talk stations shot up on average 30% and music stations grew 14% in listening time. That means, you love Live Guide and the power to choose what you listen to live, just as much as we do. The power of Live Guide also means you don’t have to blindly flip through radio stations to catch a favorite song or talk show. Read the full article from Inside Radio here.

To see the LiveGuide in action and to find out more, download NextRadio app on your smartphone or take a look at our feature reel: http://nextradioapp.com/videos/nextradio-feature-reel/

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