The following devices support an FM radio listening experience.

We are excited to announce that soon, AT&T android smartphone owners will have the option to download NextRadio app! The carrier is taking a proactive stance by including FM chip activation in their 2016 device specifications giving listeners more options to listen to free, local radio with NextRadio app.

Not only is this collaboration huge for the radio industry, it is equally important for all of you AT&T music lovers as you are now able to finally jump on the NextRadio bandwagon and reap the benefits of our interactive app. Hint: there’s a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Google Play Store or Amazon to download NextRadio app for free and claim what is rightfully yours—free radio! Also make sure to check if your device is currently able to download NextRadio app on our supported devices page. You can look to see if your smartphone is currently compatible for all major carriers here.

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