For over 100 years, the radio has served as one of society’s most vital means of communication. Today, February 13, 2016 the world celebrates yet another World Radio Day.

UNESCO is responsible for the first celebration of World Radio Day in 2012 and it has continued to be celebrated every year since. UNESCO aims to raise greater awareness and appreciation for everything the radio has done for the public in the years past. This year’s theme of World Radio Day is “radio in times of emergency and disaster.” We are encouraged to reflect on the times the radio has held supreme responsibility in notifying the public of disasters or emergencies. No matter what, the radio is always one of the first to report. Through World Radio Day, we are asked to reflect on all of the times the radio has impacted our lives.

The radio is responsible for not only providing the public with information, but it is used as a platform for people to engage in discussion, alert listeners about emergencies, and most commonly used to enjoy the sounds of music. It has brought people together, pushed them apart and much more over the years, but it is for certain that the world would not be the same without it. On this day, UNESCO hopes that listeners and the general public will look back at the times when radio has touched their lives and hope they will continue to support everything the radio has done for the world.

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