History-of-Radio_SHORTSome might think radio is a thing of the past, and they’re right. Radio started as crackly morse code transmitted to ships near Massachussetts on Christmas Eve, went kind of portable in 1923 during toddler years, and got it’s first car in 1933. Radio finally began to grow out of those awkward teen years in 1954 as a sleek transistor pocket radio and felt pretty good. It was in 1995 that audio went digital, we all remember those RealAudio streams on our computers, along with “You got mail!”


Then the advent of MP3 music players with FM tuners gained popularity in 1998, just 2 years before the Y2K scare. 2010 brought music apps on smartphones and users fell back in love. Until they realized what it did to their data plan and their battery life. It was in 2013 that radio began to complete its’ transformation and slip into that little black dress it’s craved for so long.


Finally, LIVE terrestrial radio is available on today’s smartphone without using all that data and battery life. Why? Radio finally got in the best shape of it’s life and is now as slim and toned as a tiny FM chip in your smartphone. The chip allows your smartphone to pick up traditional FM frequencies, like that of a traditional transistor player, but with sound quality and in app features that is light years ahead of it’s time. Cue Star Wars roll in.


Make sure you take some time to check out radio again on NextRadio and do a double take, because it’s in the best shape of its life.

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