The NextRadio app has so many different goodies in it that it is almost hard to talk about all of them. Below the song graphic is where the good stuff lives, I’m talking about the cool stuff like everything from recent songs to concert tickets live just a scroll away.

1. Upcoming Events

So just imagine you’re scrolling through our Live Guide and see a Beyoncé song playing. Lets be honest it doesn’t matter what song it is; you’re clicking on it because Beyoncé is Queen. Well guess what? Beyoncé has a concert coming up near you two weeks from now. You have to get a ticket that much is obvious.

When an artist has a concert in your area you can click to purchase tickets within the NextRadio app. No more missing out on Queen B. (See image below)


2. New Album Release (see image above)

If you’re like me you can get pretty excited for a new album release. Like when Drake released his ‘Views’ album I waited up all night for it then listened beginning to end. I typically find out about new tours and albums from radio DJs talking about it, which is awesome! But what if an artist had an album out and you wanted to by it. Well with NextRadio album feature you can do just that. Just scroll on down to see if the artist has a new album out and click to purchase.

3. Recently Played

I am what is known as a channel surfer. It drives some people crazy but I like all kinds of music and switching it up all the time. Well on every station is a recently played section so you can see if that station plays the deep cuts like your dad loves or all the hits that you sing with your best friend. Check out stations playlist to explore new radio stations in your area.

4. Social Sharing

You know when you are listening to a song that you want to just post about it all over the Internet because it blew your mind? NextRadio lets you do just that. Just click the share button and let the world know that your new favorite song is better than theirs.

5. On Air Now

Everyone has that one radio DJ that just has a direct line into your heart. If it’s through humor or being a realist radio DJs are a part of most people mornings. Well now you can interact with them like never before. When listening on NextRadio, the DJ that is on air at the time will be displayed at the bottom and you can visit the website or even CALL THEM! This is perfect for contest and other moments that you share with your Radio DJ everyday.


Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well not if you don’t have NextRadio. Check out our list of supported devices to see if you can get the latest and greatest FM radio app.

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